Lee Zimmerman


  Our lives often seem to follow a winding indirect path


Lee Zimmerman is a silk artist who lives with his family in Duluth Minnesota. He has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and has done much academic research in vision and perception. It was while investigating perception that he stumbled onto silk painting. The media somehow attached itself to his heart.

Along with numerous articles in engineering and perceptual psychological journals, he has had several articles published in "American Artist" on painting and vision.

Lee is primarily a silk painter, who has exhibited his works in New Orleans, Minneapolis, Duluth and Santa Fe. He has performed large scale (8' by 4' minimum) live silk painting numerous times, often as a part of symphony orchestra concerts. One of his recent live painting performances took place outside of London in the UK.

Lee has been a member of SPIN (an international organization of silk painters) since 2000. He was the Fashion Show coordinator at the 2006 Silk Painters International Festival in Santa Fe. He is the director of the 2008 Festival.

In 2007 he exhibited a startling series of veiled photographs. In January fo 2010 he performed a live painting event with Kathy McTavish called "A Story in Three Parts". This was followed by the Duluth Playhouse presentation of "The Secret Garden" in which he painted 180 square feet of silk, creating the garden, at each of the 20 performances.

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