Veiled Images

by Lee Zimmerman

These almost white photographs provide insight into the way we see patterns and how we interpret images in time. All of the images are created by taking photographs of nude models draped in silk chiffon - a very thin white fabric. Chiffon has some intriguing visual properties. It is virtually transparent when you look directly through the fabric. When it is turned to the side or folded it becomes opaque. The photographs take advantage of these properties.

Some of the folds of the draped fabric fall along the bodies of the the models defining them in three dimensions. Some of the folds fall along lines that are independent of the models bodies. In some areas of the photographs the fabric is essentially transparent. The fabric and the bodies in the photographs have an unusual effect on our perception. They change time.

It takes a little time for our eyes to adjust to the subtle variations of the low contrast, high key images. The rolling patterns of the fabric, sometimes distracts and sometimes reinforces, the contours of the human body underneath the veil. All of these elements combine to slow our interpretation of the photograph. Given time, the image opens to us like a story.