Sacred Heart Music Center Event
by Lee Zimmerman, December 21, 2010

I propose performing a live event at the Sacred Heart Music Center. The painting would cover three panels of silk centered on the alter. The side panels would measure about eight feet high. The center panel would be 12 feet high. The images would be a mixture of music, dance, painting, and religious elements drawn from the surroundings. The whole painting should take about 40 minutes to one hour to complete. I would paint the center section by standing on either scaffolding or two ladder sections.

The images will be larger than life. They will be painted with large motions and dramatic color. In the left panel there will be a flamenco dancer and guitar player. In the right panel, I will put a cellist surrounded by singers. At the base of the center panel will be a formal couple dancing across the stage. Above them on a plinth, will be the statue of Mary and the baby Jesus with a stained glass window filling the upper right quadrant of the center panel. Each of these forms will project motion and parts of each panel will project into the other panels.