Lee Zimmerman

Veiled Images

These are a series of high-key photographs of models under silk chiffon. These images play with our perceptions as the undulating white pattern reveal their stories. You may need to adjust the contrast and brightness of your monitor to see them appropriately.


The veil is a wall. It separates the world from what is enclosed.

The veil is a blanket. The fibers wrap the surface, upon which is falls, in light.

The veil is a moment expanded. Understanding is intimately intertwined with time.

The veil is a curtain. It contains the anticipation of what might be revealed.

The veil is a fog. Shadows and light are an invitation to look deeper.

The veil is a mirror. One that reflects our dreams.


These veiled images bring clarity to our vision.

At first glance, the images are intricate patterns of flowing and swirling whiteness. From apparent randomness, a pattern appears - maybe it is the tip of a finger, the curve of a thigh, the bend of an elbow, or the glimpse of an earlobe. The image begins to unravel. The secrets, held in the folds of the veil, become clear. It dissolves, revealing a story that is both complex and simple, exquisite and ordinary, wonderful and intimate.

The time that it takes to unlock these images, changes the way we perceive. We see the person before we see their scars.We feel their strength before we feel their weakness, We know their sensuality before we know their age. We sense their power before we sense their imperfections.

In these veiled images, we see our connectedness before we see our separateness.


Lee Zimmerman


There are presently 23 framed images, each approximately 30"x40", in this show. The images are of 17 different models, both male and female, ranging in age from three months to seventy years old.


Booking Info for Curators

Booking Fee

  • $4,000 for six to eight week engagement

Included in the Exhibit

  • 23 free-hanging or framed portraits of various sizes

Exhibit Requirements

  • Minimum wall space: 160 linear feet
  • Enclosed, limited-access gallery with moderate security
  • No direct sunlight
  • Venue provides insurance and pays shipping one way

Educational Workshops and Opportunities
for Artist Interaction with the Community

  • Gallery talk: “Veils - Changing the way we perceive”

For more information about leasing this show contact

Lee Zimmerman