[this page is a rough draft by Lee Zimmerman(7-14-10)]

This event is a Celebration of the thirty year anniversary of the Domestic Abuse Intervention Program (DAIP). It will be held October 23 in the Clyde Iron Works Building. The celebration will culminate with the live creation of a multidisciplinary artwork never attempted before anywhere.

The DAIP created the Duluth Model, which is recognized nationally and internationally as the leading tool to help communities eliminate violence in the lives of women and children. The model seeks to eliminate domestic violence through written procedures, policies, and protocols governing intervention and prosecution of criminal domestic assault cases. The Duluth Model was the first to outline multi-disciplinary procedures to protect and advocate for victims. 

Behind the Mask

Some of the Artists involved

Sheila Packa

Poet Laureate of Duluth

Lee Zimmerman

Silk Painter

Kathy McTavish

Improvisational Cello

Karen McTavish

Quilting Artist

Reflecting the Beast

Description of the Artwork to be created

During the main event, Lee Zimmerman will paint a thirty foot tall, five foot wide waterfall of silk. To create the painting he will be lifted into the air using wires. He will paint the waterfall of silk from behind using dyes so that most of the audience will not see him but will see the images appear like a stain glass window. While Lee paints, Kathy McTavish will fill the spacious room with luscious cello music. This will be punctuated by poetry and stories coordinated by Sheila Packa centered on the event theme - Facing Truth and Reaching for Hope. At the end of the hour long event, the single silk painting will be cut into six themed panels. Karen McTavish will turn these panels into art quilts. All of the quilts will be auctioned off to support the future activities of the DAIP

We intend that this performance artwork ring like a bell, and the vibrations created by this event will spread to the world.

Exposing My Heart, Exposing My Fear