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Performance Grid for Live Painting by Lee Zimmerman

Questions about performance possibilities or booking should be directed to Talent Representative

(Creating Performance Images)

Performance Type
Avg. Time
Set Up Time
Other Comments
Single Panel
7' - 8' tall, 4'-5' wide Flat, Stand alone or Hung from rafters 10 min/panel 20 min/panel

$500 + $250 for additional panels

5 hours if transportation by car, or 1 day plus tools if transportation by plane. 8' wide by 8' deep

Panel Example. Can set up multiple panels.

Releasable frame (Example)

No Frame
Support by two models, 54" high, 3' wide to about 6' wide 8 min 12 min $500 Can be done on the fly. 15' wide silk held taut by two people wrapped in the silk (Example) 8' wide by 8' deep Painting can be ripped (Example)
Transported Frame
8' tall by 5' wide, stand alone single frame 10 min 20 min $500 + $250 for additional panels Set up in less than 10 minutes. Only transportable by car. 8' wide by 8' deep Can be pre-loaded to do a sequence of single paintings
Tall Panel

Above 8' tall, below 20' and 5' wide, painted using scaffolding

5 min/per yard 10 min/per yard $500 + $100/yard Takes at least a day for set up. 10' wide by 8' deep tall vertical solid frame constructed out of wood for each performance
Tower of Silk
Above 20' below 40' 6 min/per yard 10 min/per yard $2000 + $100/yard Takes at least a day. Longer if transportation is by air. Must be able to hang from ceiling. It takes a team of two riggers. Needs a Scissor lift to ceiling 16' wide by 16' deep The movement up and down is done silently using ropes. (Example)
Exterior Tower of Silk
Above 20' on the exterior of building 12 min/yard Extend performance over several hours $4000 + $100/yard Takes at least two days. Longer if transportation is by air. Must be able to hang from roof. It takes a team of two riggers. Uses window washing gear and must extend to the ground 16' wide by 16' deep Movement up and down uses ropes and silk is tensioned using aircraft cables.


1) The average time is what it would take for Lee to comfortably create a complex image.

2) Materials are included in the cost estimate. The cost estimate does not include the fees for the musician or musicians, or the transportation, room, and board for the performance. For the larger pieces, the event would provide for the transportation, room and board for the rigging team also.

3) There also must be access to electrical outlets of sufficient power to run the lighting system. Power requirements are small using about 50 watts per yard.

4) If the organization wishes to keep the dyed silk painting after the event, there is an additional cost of $35 per yard for steaming and processing the silk painting.

5) All lengths for costs are assumed to be in units of yards. So for example, an eight or a seven foot painting would be considered 3 yards. The widths are determined by the width of the fabric, usually either 54" wide or 46" wide.

6) All performances should include live music. The music could be either provided by the event, or we can provide a musician for the event at an additional cost of $300 + transportation, room and board. Lee has worked with symphony orchestras, jazz bands, string quartets, flamenco guitarists, and improvisational cello. He has also performed with dance companies, circus acts, poetry readings, and theater performances.

7) All transportation cost are from Duluth, Minnesota. Transportation by car should be estimated at 50 cents a mile. Round trip distance from Duluth to the Twin Cities is about 250 miles. The round trip distance from Duluth to Chicago is about 900 miles.

Also schedule a Silk Painting Workshop, in conjunction with your event. This would require 4 hours, $120 per student, Minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 10, access to stove or hot plate, and a studio with no carpeting and sufficient room for all the students. Each participant would receive four yards of silk, set of silk dyes, brushes, stretcher bars, and soap. During the workshop they would create two large paintings and receive enough instruction and materials to continue creating silk paintings. No previous art experience necessary.