Proposal for Fundraiser Issue   By Lee Zimmerman, August 27, 2008

1) Letter to major local fundraisers – Artcetera, Playhouse, Symphony Ball, Duluth Arts Institute, PAVSA, Ballet, Historical Society, Empty Bowl, Lions Club,….
2) Follow-up phone call and offer to talk at board meeting on issue.
3) set up webpage listing local artists that agree with structure outlined separate from the main Duluth artists page
4) Create a logo – "Artists Certified" that these fundraisers can use to indicate their support for local artists.

Outline for Letter to Fundraising Board

a) Introduction of

b) Statement of problem:  requests for art donations to fundraisers  create conflict for local artists

i) no tax benefit to artist for donation
ii) tendency to suppress prices and saturate the area with the artists work
iii) multiple requests per year
iv) minimum bid often doesn’t cover the cost of framing
v) Artists can only afford to donate less saleable work

c) Suggested Solution: 

i) The minimum bid would be paid to the artist – minimum set at 30-50% retail cost.
ii) If the artwork did not reach that minimum bid, it would be returned to the artist.
iii) For artwork created for the event with materials provided - the artist should be paid 20% of resulting auction price.
iv)  Make it easy for the artist to donate the money raised from their work, back to the fundraiser.

d) If the fundraiser agrees to implement this policy  would

i) Give them access to a website filled with local artists and contact information willing to donate their art.
ii) Promote their event on our website as a group that strongly supports the arts.
iii) Give them a logo that can be printed in all their material that certifies their event as one that strongly supports the arts. That this event is “Artist Certified”

The result will be more equity for artists, better art donations, and better art visibility in our community