Preliminary Sketches


“This theme will try to touch that space between flying and falling. The images will take their inspiration from the cathedral ceiling paintings in Italy. Falling as if the floor of the world has disintegrated and only disaster awaits in the future. Flying because some invisible hands elevate one to see hope in the future.

When domestic abuse has been felt and has been so deeply tied to the ‘bottom’ – it threatenes death, and the “Falling” into final disaster.  Flying symbolizes a companion and inverse to Falling that pulls the spirit from despondency to elevation, spirit, to entering strength provided from another sphere. ”

(Some preliminary sketches are at the bottom of this page)

The auction is closed. The completed quilts will travel as a single exhibit through 2011. Contact the DAIP at if you are interested in this exhibit coming to your community. Check back on this page for more photos and information. Thank you for your support.


 Preliminary sketches


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