BRAVE Auction Rules

General Auction Rules

The creation of the quilts begins the night of October 23, 2010 when Lee Zimmerman paints the thirty foot tall tower of silk at the BRAVE Event. This single silk panel will be cut into six sections that will then be quilted by Karen McTavish. Six unique art quilts will be produced reflective of the artists’ inspiration. As Lee and Karen bring their gifts with paint, fabric and thread together, six quilts will emerge, each having captured and forever expressing the BRAVE stories, the night’s energy, the music and the 30 year celebration of the safety of women all over the world.

Each quilt will be approximately 5’ by 5’ entirely made from dyed, steamset silk- exquisitely finished for personal use or for hanging. More information about silk and caring for dyed silk can be found at this site   

All six quilts will be auctioned simultaneously throughout the Brave event.  Bidding may take place on line at any point, even during the program as Lee paints, but will conclude for all bidders at the same time. The auction for all bidders ends at 10PM CDT on October 23,2010. Warnings and countdowns will be given at the event and through the online feed at 9:50, 9:55, 9:59, with a countdown during the final minute.

Bidding will be accepted in $50 increments. In the event of identical bids, the earliest bid received will take precedence. Payment by the winning bidder will be due one week after the event, October 30, 2010.


The winning bidder must be willing to allow the quilts to travel as a single art exhibit to a select few locations around the world. Therefore, possession of an individual quilt will occur by the end of 2011, unless alternative arrangements are made.

Additional Online Auction Rules

The buyer fills out the form for the given theme and submits it online. This can be done at any time up until the auction ends at 10PM CDT October 23, 2010. The latest bid and the latest buyer pseudonym will be displayed at the top of the form until 1PM on October 23. On the night of the BRAVE Event the latest bids will be displayed on a live computer video feed. Details can be found on the auction form. Follow this link to bid on a quilt online

Additional Absentee Bid Auction Rules

In Absentee Bidding the bidder indicates the Maximum amount they intend to bid. Our staff will execute the Absentee bid at the lowest price, taking into account the reserve and the other bidders. Any absentee bid must be received at least 24 hours in advance of the sale.  Follow this link to make an Absentee Bid

Additional Live Bidding Rules

 Live Bidding is for bidders present at the BRAVE Event. The live bidding will commence at the completion of the painting and will continue until bidding closes at 10PM. People attending the event will get explicit instructions on how to make a bid for a given quilt. We will also have special runners to assist guests.