Test Run
for the "BRAVE EVENT" September 27

by Lee Zimmerman

The Brave event is a celebration/fundraiser for the 30th anniversary of the Domestic Abuse Intervention Program that will be held on Saturday, October 23 in Duluth. For this event, I will be painting a thirty foot tower of silk in about an hour while being elevated on ropes.

Because this has never been done before, I felt it was important for us to do a full out test run of the equipment and techniques well before the event. We just completed this test run on Monday night. Below are a couple of images that were captured that night to give you a sense of the scale. At the bottom of this page there are two newspaper articles, one written before the test event and one written after.

"It looks like you are creating a stain glass window" was the response of someone watching the test run.

You can find out more about the event HERE, more about my silk painting HERE and more about what will be done with the resulting huge dyed silk painting HERE.

View from the front of this 30 foot tower of silk while I am painting. This image was taken from the balcony by Karen McTavish a renown long arm quilter - who is another artist crucial to this event.

Veiw looking up at me from the inside of the tower, beginning to paint. The rigging and the lifting is being performed by Nick Fleming from Vertical Endeavors. The photograph is by Bob King / Duluth News Tribune.

Duluth News Tribune Article, September 27, 2010

Second Duluth News Tribune Article, September 28, 2010