Saturday's Performance

Friday, June 1, 2012, Performance of

"A Murder in Silk"

Each of the three silk panels are nine feet tall. The performance lasted about one hour. Click to see more of Lee Zimmerman's work or more on The Murder of Crows


Here is the story that goes with the performances. On Friday, I painted Gaelynn, the fiddle player, when she started to play. Then when Alan, the guitar player began a little later, I put him in the picture also. Since I was behind the silk panel I had to paint them in reverse so that they would look right to the audience viewing the work.

You can see that Gaelynn is holding her violin in a funny way. Her stature is so small that she has to hold it like a cello. In a strange way that gives her part of her unique sound. 

During the performance I did the left panel first, and then the moved to right panel. I painted a "Murder of Crows" surrounding a mother and child, with a dress the color of flames.

I finally moved to the middle panel. I started the painting with a face pointing upward in only black. Then I moved to paint the seated figure with his head in his hand. After completing the seated figure in color, I painted the central figure, with a drooping body, like the Pieta. I filled in the fleshtone of the middle figure.

So the audience was presented with a large black and white figure holding a limp body all behind a seated man. At this point I came out from behind the silk panels with my paintbrushes strapped to three foot sections of bamboo and turned the black and white figure into a golden angel. This was the end of the performance on Friday.

Lee Zimmerman