A Grouped Bunch of Tweet messages on Dinosaur Size

by Lee Zimmerman


On land and in air, before KT, largest animals were 5-10 times the largest animals after KT.Size jump not true in water

The ratio of size of largest Herbavore:Carnivore seems to be constant across the KT . - so what might cause the size difference

In my quest to understand the dino size issue, I naively, thought that it could be explained by simple physics.  

If Dino's lived on an earth that was smaller, spinning faster, they would feel less effective weight and be able to grow larger.

What if the KT boundary represented evidence of a colossal impact, - leaving the earth larger and slowing its rotation.

if you make these two assumptions, then a lot of other things fall into place.

A faster spinning earth, would mean a higher average temperature with less temperature fluctuation between night and day.

Since in our assumptions we are kicking the shit out of the planet, why not get rid of the Earth’s tilting axis. There you go - no seasons.

Voila, you have a planet ready to be dominated by huge ectothermic monsters in a belt around the Equator..

And  with small endothermic animals hiding in places the sauropods can’t go - cold, dark and toward the poles of the planet.

After the impact, the sauropods that survive, die because of their weight or die because their bodies cannot adjust to the wider temperature swings.

The surviving mammals can come out of their cold caves and move into a land where the terrible lizards exist only in dreams.





a little background -my PhD is in electrical engineering, research in computer vision-computational models of biological vision

I have also been involved in some robotics. I have a little experience in biology but no experience in paleontology