Donation of a Work of Art

Professional Services Contract

Fundraising Organization:
Fundraising Event:
Date of the Event:


Whereas the above named Artist would like to contribute to and support the Fundraising Organization named herein, and

Whereas the Fundraising Organization recognizes the value and worth of the Artist’s Artwork

Therefore, it is agreed:


The Artwork is donated by the Artist to the Fundraising Organization for the Fundraising Event. The Artwork has a retail value of $___________.  If the Artwork is sold at the Fundraising Event, the Artist will be paid $___________. This is the suggested minimum bid for the Artwork.

If the Artwork is not sold at the Fundraising Event, the Artwork will be returned to the Artist within a week of the date of the Fundraising Event.

The Artist desires that __________% of the money earned by the Artist through the sale of the Artwork be donated directly to the Fundraising Organization. This action will be deemed a direct monetary donation from the Artist to the Fundraising Organization for tax purposes.


Agreed for the Fundraising Organization

Signature, Title and Date


Agreed for the Artist

Signature, Title and Date